Agency Updates

JFCS is keeping our community up to date on what we’re doing, what is in the works and how to help with weekly emails. Click on the (+) next to each week to expand for full report.

May 18 Update: Nourishing our Neighbors
May 11 Update: Here for Families, Here for All.
May 4 Update: Supporting Your Mental Health, You Are Not Alone
April 27 Update: Delivering on Service & Engagement
April 20 Update: What Are We Grateful For?
April 13 Update: Supporting All Ages, Youth to Seniors
April 6 Update: Partners and Programs Continue to Grow
March 23 Update: Keeping the Community Informed
March 16: Notice on Programming Changes & Office Hours
March 30 Update: Weathering the Storm, Together
March 11: Original Notice on Agency Changes