OUR Services

Counseling Services
Our clinical team HELPS individuals of all ages on their HEALING journeys in coping with emotional, situational and ongoing mental health concerns through the provision of evidence-based, compassionate therapy & support.

Food Pantry & Distribution Services

JFCS serves as a beacon of HOPE to those facing unexpected crises in their lives. Through the HELP of a range of food programs we serve the most vulnerable populations in Mercer County.

Mobile Food Pantry
We know in the greater Mercer County area, there is hunger. There are community members looking for a food pantry or food bank near them…and sometimes, even when the resources are available, there are significant obstacles to accessing these locations. This was the driving force behind the JFCS Mobile Food Pantry.
Senior Services
Our agency is proud to offer a wide range of senior services to members of our community. We HELP seniors age-in-place and ensure they receive regular, hot nutritious meals. Seniors find HEALING through support groups to work through age-related challenges. Tailored social & educational programs, as well as care management ensure comfort in the golden years.

Pandemic-Related Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has signifcant, lasting impacts on our lives. Find our list of internal and external resources to help us all through this difficult time.