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JFCS is continuing to provide counseling services via teletherapy.
If you are interested in support, contact our Intake Coordinator at 609-987-8100 Ext. 128 (para espanol Ext 102)

JFCS is also offering “Drop-In” hours by phonefor those who need to discuss anxieties, concerns, fears, and other emotional and mental impacts of the pandmic. Callers can connect one-on-one with a counselor who can provide personalized tips and support.
Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays 10 AM – 12 PM
Tuesdays & Thursdays 5 – 7 PM 

We also offer weekly programs including webinars and virtual support groups.

For additional mental health resources, visit our COVID-19 Resource Page.


Our clinical team HELPS individuals of all ages on their HEALING journeys in coping with emotional, situational and ongoing mental health concerns through the provision of evidence-based, compassionate therapy & support. We there for those in the Greater Mercer County community seeking a therapist or counselor.

Therapy is facilitated by licensed social workers and licensed clinical social workers who address the needs of their clients with individualized treatment plans for a range of concerns including: anxiety, depression, ADHD, stress, PTSD, bereavement, parenting, divorce, life transitions or school & work related challenges.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance plans and those who are uninsured. Our agency also works with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs); contact your employer to inquire about EAP benefits for mental health services to learn more.

If you need support, contact us at 609-987-8100.

Individual, Family & Couples Therapy

JFCS provides outpatient therapy services to individuals, families or couples. Our counselors work with children, as young as 6 years old and adults up to any age. 

Comprehensive Psychosocial Assessments

Our licensed social workers and licensed clinical social workers provide a thorough assessment to each client. The psychosocial assessment is completed over the course of the first three appointments and provides an overall evaluation of mental, physcal and emotional health, taking into account personal history, family and social dynamics and environmental factors. The assessment allows the social worker and the client to develop a personalized plan to help the individual address their concerns.

Community Webinars & Virtual Support Groups

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, JFCS recognized the need for broad mental health support for the community as all were forced to cope with the isolation of social distacing, increased worries, anxieties, fear, and other emotional impacts of the current environment. The agency now offers weekly programs including webinars and interactive, virtual support groups to address these topical issues.


WEDNESDAYS at 12:00 PM Zoom Event: Pandemic Parenting – Support Group for Parents

This group will offer parents a chance to share their struggles, challenges, and, yes, successes during the pandemic. Whether you want to get something off your chest to sympathetic and helpful ears, pose questions, offer summer-fun ideas, or learn of new-to-you parenting strategies, this group is for you. The struggle is real, but you’re not alone in it! Facilitated by Claire Brown, LSW

REGISTER NOW Registration link valid for all future sessions

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THURSDAYS at 9:30 AM Zoom Event: Social Support Group (For Older Adults)

Drop-in to connect and share with others who are feeling the emotional and psychological impacts of isolation during COVID-19 restrictions. Shirley Bellardo, LCSW, LCADC (Director of Clinical Services) will help facilitate the conversations, provide resources and advice. There is no formal structure, you are invited to speak, listen, and learn.

REGISTER NOW  Registration link valid for all future sessions

Psychiatric Assessments

For clients with Medicare, Medicaid and those without insurance, JFCS works with a consulting psychiatrist to provide psychiatric assessment and medication management. Clients must be currently seeing a JFCS counselor before a referral can be made for the psychiatrist. We know many in the Mercer County region who have Medicare, Medicaid or lack insurance have limited options for psychiatric care, and we are proud to be able to offer this opportunity.

Medication Management

For clients with Medicare, Medicaid and those without insurance, JFCS works with a consulting psychiatrist to provide psychiatric assessment and medication management. Clients must be currently seeing a JFCS counselor before a referral can be made for the psychiatrist. 

Hightstown-East Windsor Satellite Office

JFCS provides supportive mental health services at our satellite office located at 133 Main Street, Hightstown, NJ 08520. Services are provided by a licensed marriage & family therapist and social work interns to support those in the Hightstown and East Windsor communities who need emotional and psychological help. On site services include:

  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Stabilization Services
  • Crisis Case Management
  • On-going Support
  • Information & Referral

This initiative is supported by ICARE of East Windsor-Hightstown (Initiative for Counseling, Addiction, Renewal & Education) and the County of Mercer, Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health & Division of Youth Services.

Crafting a Calming Jar – For kids of all ages!

Sometimes when we experience big emotions like worry, anger, frustration, overwhelm or sadness, we can get stuck in our thoughts and feelings. Calming jars are helpful for children and grown ups alike in providing a mindful, sensory activity.

Support Goes Virtual, JFCS Offers Counseling & Connection in Group Settings

July 10, 2020 Summer 2020 is bringing to light new challenges for all in the midst of the ongoing...

What is teletherapy?

While teletherapy is not new, recent policy changes due to COVID-19 have reduced previous barriers and promoted access to virtual services. Teletherapy gives you the option to communicate with a therapist on the telephone or video chat; you chose how your therapy works, the goal is to make it agreeable to your needs.

Anxiety and Re-Opening during COVID-19

Readjusting to life during a global pandemic was difficult enough, now businesses, dining and entertainments spaces across Mercer County and NJ reopen, moving though the different stages to reopen safely adds new stressors to our lives.

Supporting those around you and caring for yourself

The COVID pandemic is a stressful time and is effecting people across the world. It can be confusing and hard to see someone you care about not acting like themselves. Taking on the additional task of helping a family member who is having a difficult time requires practical and emotional help.

Returning to Work During COVID-19

If you are returning to work after being on family medical leave during COVID and have not experienced working from home, you might experience different thoughts and feelings.

Parenting Post #5

Quarantine burnout – it is setting in for many of us, and parents are facing the same wall of exhaustion coupled with the looming summer break. At the likely prospect of becoming Camp Mom & Dad for the summer, how do parents manage the burnout, parenting, work and now “camp counselor” responsibilities? Claire Brown, LSW dives into this question in her latest Parenting Post.

A Reflection on “Making the Most” of Your Time

We all cope differently with the current challenges facing us. Some have taken to new hobbies, while others simply try to manage day by day. How to be ‘okay’ with just being and not pass judgement as to how others cope.

Grieving in the Time of COVID-19

We are already grieving the loss of a normal life. The loss of a loved one hits us even harder because the normal rituals of grieving are not available. As illustrated above, these difficult times call forth creativity and a search for new ways to come together to show respect, to grieve, and to share memories.

Parenting Post #4

Everyone is seeking to remain up to date on information and news during the pandemic, but, we also ask ourselves, how do we stay informed and yet not spend what feels like all day consumed by fear and anxiety?

If we didn’t have JFCS at the time we did, my daughter and I would not be in a good place right now.

Cheryl & Harriet

The trust between our clients and JFCS is the basis for our success.  All transactions and discussions are protected by the highest legal and professional ethical standards of client/counselor confidentiality.