A Festival of Freedom,

Free from Burdens We Have Carried

Passover is one of the most important observances in the Jewish community as we gather to tell the story of our ancestors’ exodus to freedom.

In a simple form, Passover is a festival of freedom.

This year our celebrations feel liberated, as many of us will have the chance to gather with a full crowd of family and friends for Seder, something that has not been possible in two years. The world does not look the same as it did when we last gathered in this way for Pesach, yet there is a freedom to what we can do. The pandemic may not be fully behind us, but because of our communal dedication to each other – by getting vaccinated, wearing a mask and social distancing when appropriate – we can now enjoy a new level of freedom; free from the burdens of worry, of isolation, and distance which we have carried since early 2020.

As the JFCS family prepares for upcoming celebrations, we reflect on how our services to the community also represents a path to freedom…

We provide seniors the autonomy and support to age how and where they choose.

We provide those fighting mental and emotional turmoil an outlet to unburden themselves of these internal stressors.

We provide families who are struggling financially the freedom found in nourishment and knowing they can put money towards other necessities, without worrying about filling their table.

May your Pesach be free of worries and brightened by togetherness with those you hold dear.

Chag Sameach,

Michelle Napell, Executive Director