A community of Jewish teens in grades 8 through 12 working together to make the world a better place. Participants research Jewish nonprofit organizations and learn about philanthropic giving by pooling monetary contributions and distributing donations as they choose.

  The Jewish Community Youth Foundation is a philanthropy program for teens in grades 8 through 12. Participants learn about the principles of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), Tzedakah and philanthropy, as well as other Jewish values and how they relate to their groups’ philanthropic focus:

8th Grade – Local Social Service

9th Grade – National Social Service

10th Grade – Jewish Arts & Culture

11th Grade – Outreach & Advocacy

12th Grade – Israel

Each teen philanthropist donates their own money which gets matched and pooled with contributions raised during JCYF Fund Day. Participants research Jewish non-profit organizations and meet with their leaders, share findings and opinions through group presentations, learn about philanthropic giving and distribute donations as they choose.  The result is the application of weeks of intelligent thought and planning, as well as emotional exploration of Jewish needs far beyond each teen’s own world. Participants learn about caring and selflessness, and the power of their donation to one or more carefully researched causes within the local, national and international Jewish communities.

JCYF meets 7 Sundays September through February in the Princeton/Mercer area.

JCYF is a project of JFCS and funded by the Ricky & Andrew J. Shechtel Philanthropic Fund.

I like the meetings because they give me a new way to connect with people my age and make a difference all over the world.

More Leadership & Development Opportunities through JCYF 

JCYF Advisory Board


Distinguished Alumni Award

Impact Study

10 Year Impact Study

The Jewish Community Youth Foundation completed an independent 10 year impact study. Click here for the complete results, or click here for a quick overview of some key findings!

Dr. David Kligman Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Dr. David Kligman z”l Memorial Scholarship Fund ensures that no student is turned away due to inability to pay. Donations to this scholarship fund or to support the JCYF program are encouraged and can be made here. Please indicate gift is to be attributed to the Kligman Scholarship Fund in comments section of donation form.