Guests will compete as teams of 6-10, in three rounds of play, reminiscent of some of your favorite game shows (Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud and more)!

Register to join just for the games OR enhance your experience with a gourmet snack & drink box.

Yes! Guests can build teams of 6-10 players. For the event, join Zoom from separate locations OR gather in person and Zoom together on one device!

Play with your family & friends across the country OR across the couch! Build a winning team no matter where you’re located.

All guests will have the opportunity to request team members, OR if you do not have a full team, we’ll add you to one for the event.

If your team gathers together, join the event under one Zoom login. Gather multiple teams in one location but be sure each team has a dedicated device for game play!

Let us help YOU host your whole team!

What’s new this year? Purchase an add-in PARTY BOX with ten branded drink tumblers and the needed accessories to host your team together, in-person at your home.

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Event FAQs

What can I expect from Game Night?

Game Night will feature 3 rounds of game play hosted on Zoom. You and your team will compete in “game show” style rounds – including Word Puzzles (Wheel of Fortune), Survey Says (Family Feud), and a mystery round!

Teams will earn points each round for correct answers. After the 3rd round, in the event of a tie, a tie-breaker question will determine the final 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. The tie-breaker question will be related to JFCS!

I registered for the event; how do I select my team members?

If you have registered for the event, you will receive an additional email in early February to make your team member selections. Sign up now and form your team later! Get your tickets secured and then start building your team.

Do all my team members need to be confirmed before I sign up?

Not at all! You can purchase your ticket(s) now and confirm your team later. All registered guests will receive an email in early February to make your team member selections. We want to give everyone time to make your Game Night plans!

Can my team play together on one Zoom?

Absolutely! Gather with your team – or multiple teams – at your home or a convenient location. When it comes time to join by Zoom, be sure at least one person per team has a device that can work to Zoom AND submit responses on the Game Night site. Please be sure wherever you gather has a steady internet connection so that you and your team have uninterrupted game play!

Who can be on my team?

All players must be registered (paid) guests. Teams will consist of 6 – 10 players.

How many players can be on a team?

Teams will consist of 6 – 10 players. TriviaHub, our Game Night host and partner for the event has recommended no more than 10 to keep gameplay quick, fair, and fun for all!

Can I sign up on my own / with fewer than 6 planned team members?

Absolutely! If you sign up with fewer than 6 guests, we will match you with other guests to form a full team.

When will I know my final team members?

The week of the event, you will receive a final email including your Team Number and a list of team members.

Why do I need a team number?

Your team number will help the Game Night Host quickly move all guests into their appropriate breakout rooms (a Breakroom = a Team). We ask all guests, once signed onto the Zoom event, to change your name on Zoom to Team # Name. For example, John Smith is assigned to Team 1, he will change his name to “1 John Smith.”

How do I change my name on Zoom?

We ask all guests, once signed onto the Zoom event, to change your name on Zoom to Team # Name. For example, John Smith is assigned to Team 1, he will change his name to “1 John Smith.”

On a desktop/laptop

Upon joining the game, you must hover your cursor over your own tile (your face) and click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your tile OR where your name appear. Then select “Rename” to change your name like so: “1 John Smith”

On a tablet/mobile device

If you are playing from your phone, you can rename yourself by tapping the Participants button at the bottom of the screen, tapping your name and tapping the Rename option.

All guests will receive Zoom instructions and tips ahead of the event. These will be shared via email for Game Play Only guests and included in the gourmet boxes for all others.

Can my team members and I share one Zoom / play together in person?

Yes, you can! If you wish to gather in person with your team, simply sign on to Zoom under one login and share the screen together.

Keep in mind, if all joining from one device, it is recommended that device is a desktop or laptop computer as someone from the group will be the captain, submitting answers for the team.

What makes a good Team Captain?

On the night of event, all teams will need to choose one person to act as the team captain. As team captain, you will be required to register your team with the Game Night answer system, and then record your team’s answers. Here are some guidelines for how to be a good team captain! 

  • Tech Savvy – You will need to toggle between Zoom and your browser in order to fill out the answer sheet.
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer – Toggling between Zoom and our browser-based answer sheet is much easier on a computer as opposed to a tablet or phone.
  • Stick around! – Please be sure you will be around for the entire event! Your team cannot submit answers without you.
  • Stable internet connection – Similar to above, if you drop out, you’re team will not be able to submit answers!
  • Chrome browser preferred – Please use a newer, updated browser. No Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge!
Can I join different team than my spouse/someone I signed up with?

Yes! If you are signing up with a spouse, household member, or multiple guests but wish to play on separate teams, please have EACH GUEST complete a separate guest & team selection form.

Is there a prize for the winning team(s)?

YES! The members of the top 3 teams will receive gift card prizes!

Max. of 10 gift cards per winning team.

During game play, if I am experiencing issues accessing the game answer site/Zoom tech concerns, who do I contact?

Our Game Night partner, TriviaHub, will have multiple dedicated Zoom Admins on the event.

If a concern arises while in the main meeting room, type a note in the CHAT to ask for Admin support.

If a concern arises while in a Breakout Room during Game Night Play, click the “Ask for Help” button in your meeting controls. When prompted, Invite Host to join Breakout Room.


Do I need a Zoom account to join the event?

No, you do not need a Zoom account. We do ask that when guests sign on, they change they Zoom name to Team # Name.

View our Zoom Tips Document