The phrase “social distancing,” the action needed to reduce the risk of exposure to an illness or virus, has now become part of our vernacular. We’re advised to maintain a distance of 6 feet from others, avoid being in crowded areas (i.e., avoid shopping when stores are busy or use “senior” hours to shop), wash our hands for 20 seconds or longer both before and after an array of activities, and use online grocery service. While all this is meant to safeguard us as best as possible, we have become isolated out of necessity and safety.

One of the keys to remaining healthy during this crisis, both physically and mentally, is to find alternative outlets for socialization and stimulation. We need to follow a “normal” routine with regards to sleep/wake times, exercise, eating, etc. Limit the amount of news exposure and consider the source of where you are obtaining your news from, as some may be more sensational rather than factual. Constant exposure to the news can also increase one’s anxiety. 

Here are 12 activities that might be of interest, while remaining in the safety of your home:

Chair Yoga

“Visit” a Museum

De-stress by listening to a 20 minutes relaxation exercise  

Sign up for a free online class…one option is Covia: Well Connected

Here is one option:   

Join a chat room such as Bridge Club Live or Mah Jongg

“View” historic sites or take a walking tour of NYC

Learn a new skill or craft

Use this time to declutter your home (pick a room) or switch over your wardrobe for the spring season.

Try a new recipe that uses the ingredients and spices already in your home

Socialize with friends and family through Skype, Google Duo,of Facebook Messenger

Set up a regular time for a call with family or a friend daily

Beth Hammer, LCSW (Geriatric Care Manager)