If you and your family are having trouble paying bills, and seeking a resource to keep food on the table, you will find a different approach at our on-site food pantry. The Yvette Sarah Clayman Kosher Food Pantry is a healthy-choice pantry open to anyone living in the Greater Mercer County.

What does it mean to be a choice pantry?

Your individualized experience will be personal, confidential and respectful at our food pantry. We stock our pantry with shelf staples, fresh and frozen dairy, produce, eggs, meat and more. All items in our pantry have been stocked on the direction of a registered dietitian to ensure we are providing healthy, convenient options to all. Anyone who utilizes the pantry is allowed to select the products that meet their personal preferences and dietary needs.

What does a pantry “shop” look like at JFCS?

Individuals are provided private access to our pantry for a confidential “shopping” experience. You will be provided guidelines for selecting quantities by category (example grains include bread, pasta, rice; example dairy include strong cheese, shelf stable milk, yogurt; etc.) determine by size of your families (example: a family of 4 can select 4 grain products). A staff member will help you with selections as well as packing your groceries into bags and bringing them to your vehicle. Every visitor to our pantry will receive our regular newsletter with recipes using the pantry resources and helpful tips for healthy choices beyond our offerings.

Who can visit our food pantry?

If you’re in an immediate crisis and need food for you or your family, our pantry is open to anyone on an emergency basis. Call our offices at 609-987-8100 to confirm we are open and let staff know you are in need of food. A staff member will meet you and help you “shop” the pantry according to your needs. We will also walk you through a brief assessment to see how we can further assist – whether it is setting you up with a monthly shopping schedule at the pantry, connecting you to one of our other programs or services OR making a connection to an outside agency for help with employment, financial management or applications to benefit programs.

Improving convenience with our Mobile Food Pantry.

The JFCS Mobile Food Pantry will be on the road soon. This fully stocked truck will include all the offerings of our on-site pantry, delivered directly to those who need it most. Email us to receive regular updates on the upcoming Mobile Food Pantry stops.