To Margery…you are the light of the season.

Each year, we celebrate the festival of lights while the days around us turn darker and the nights grow long. Your year end gift will brighten the lives of an individuals who may be facing darkness, uncertainty and challenges that we cannot imagine.

Margery is a true matriarch. A mother of three adult children and grandmother to triplets, aged 7, she serves as the main caregiver to the entire family. While Margery is well into her 70s she is still working to support her family though she hopes to retire to dedicate more time to caring for her grandchildren.

Margery visits the pantry regularly to help keep her family fed, she welcomes the gifts she can provide the little ones through the LIGHTS toy & gift card donation program, she relies on donations of winter coats, hats & scarves to keep her family warm throughout the season.

Margery and many others count on you. Please help us help them.

Donate today to spread the light.