Dear Community Member,

At JFCS we were saddened to hear of the tragic events in Robbinsville on 4/19.

How do we cope with such terrible news? We are all filled with disbelief and each one of us will process and cope with the information in different ways. As a community service agency, it is our hope at JFCS that this message brings you some needed guidance and direction to help your family deal with the events of the day.

Adolescents and children cope with grief differently. We recommend:

  • Talking to your children in order to minimize sensationalism or misinformation.
  • Children should be given information appropriate to their developmental level.
  • Limiting exposure of televised viewing of the details of this accident.
  • Limit accessing information on social media, to avoid overstimulation.
  • Sticking to regular routines as much as possible, to create a sense of normalcy.
  • Most importantly, they need to know they are safe and loved.

Regardless of your age, we all need to take the time to process this loss and share our feelings with others. However as a community, we can help our students and colleagues affected by this loss by being patient, responsive and sensitive to their reactions.

Our Counseling team would like you to know that our services are available to anyone who feels the need to meet with a therapist. We can be reached at
609-987-8100 X 102.

Additional information regarding crisis counseling can be found on Robbinsville’s Board of Education website,

In closing, from all of us at JFCS, our thoughts are with the Robbinsville Community.

With warm regards,
LInda F. Meisel, Executive DirectorAndrea LoPresti, Director of Clinical Services