It’s never too early to think about how you can perpetuate your Jewish values for future generations by making a legacy promise to the organizations that are important to you. The Life & Legacy initiative* provides a way for loyal JFCS supporters and donors to help ensure the sustainability of the agency for the generations that will follow. Whether you are interested in ensuring the availability of mental health counseling, helping needy seniors age in place safely and with dignity, or providing financial support to the organization as a whole, making a legacy promise is an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate your values. You are helping to ensure that the JFCS services and programs that you support will continue to flourish in the future. When you make a legacy promise, it announces to the world the principles YOU stand for by sustaining our organization. If you are a loyal JFCS supporter, you will want JFCS to be an enduring part of your Jewish legacy, just like your family. As you plan for the future, think about what that legacy means to you, and consider the many benefits that come with being a Life & Legacy donor:

  • Flexibility to change your promise if your family’s needs should change
  • The option to convey your commitment to the agency as a whole or to the JFCS service or program that means the most to YOU
  • Help support a strong and everlasting Jewish presence in the Greater Mercer area through our award-winning social services
  • Perpetuate the Jewish values that you cherish
  • Become a part of our special Legacy Circle and receive invitations to exclusive meetings, events, and activities

JFCS thanks our current Life & Legacy donors. Please click here to see which of your friends are participating and here to read donor testimonials. Please click here to read the Life & Legacy Brochure and here to access the special Life & Legacy Promise Card. To discuss this unique opportunity further, please contact Michelle Napell at (609) 987-8100 ext. 106.

*Life & Legacy is a partnership program with The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and local Jewish nonprofit organizations, including JFCS.